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Why Teak

Tectona Grandis the scientific name of TEAK,  is a tropical hardwood found mainly in South-east Asia.   

Teak is a  dense , close - grained hardwood with a  high  natural  oil content. Teak  is exceptionally hard wearing, highly  resistant to rotting and is almost  impervious to the effects of  sun,  rain,  frost  or snow. 

For these reasons, teak is the prime choice wood for outdoor, patio and garden furniture.

Being a hardwood and at the same time easy to work with, Teak is the best wood to make furniture, be it outdoor or indoor. Teak has a naturally high rubber and oil content – a combination that makes it natural water-repellant. As an exceptionally hard wood, teak has little porosity and is very dense making it highly resistant to termites, rain and other extreme weather conditions.  

 Given its rarity and its high quality, Teak furniture is generally more valuable than other wooden furniture. Teak wood consists of various grades, depending on the origin and the age of the tree from which teak wood is extracted.

Why Teakita

Teakita teak furniture is only made from high-grade teak wood that is properly kiln-dried and manufactured with excellent workmanship. Quality workmanship can be traced to finely carved details, well-made dovetail joints and classy surface finishing. Tenon and Mortise joints are used in the outdoor furniture while Dovetail joints are used in the indoor furniture.

As a full-line furniture manufacturer, we design and create products for home and garden with special emphasis on teak furniture for the Malaysian market. From teak bedroom and kitchen furniture to steamers and loungers, Teakita offers an entirely new level of distinction in indoor and garden teak furniture to choose from.

While others make the price tag first, We design the furniture first and put a price tag on it later. This means all designing decisions are made with consumers’ benefits solely in mind as only the best materials and manufacturing techniques will be employed.

We do custom-make furniture according to clients requirements. For all your individual teak furniture needs, please contact us and we will en sure that you get the furniture suited to your needs. The furniture is manufactured at our factory in Jepara, Indonesia and goes through a vigorous quality control process. Each step of the process is monitored and every detail is It takes about four weeks for custom-make furniture to be delivered to our clients. Once an order is confirmed, we will keep you updated about the status  from time to time.

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